2019- 2020 Events

Palaver with Tanzanian hip hop artist and activist, Roma Mkatoliki

January 29, 2020

Howard University Business School, Room 216

5:30 to 7:00

Roma Mkatoliki has always been a socially conscious artist, with songs that address the social and political environment in Tanzania. More recently, the artist has faced increased scrutiny for his criticisms on the government. This scrutiny included a forced disappearance in 2017, during which time the artist was held and questioned for several days. More recently, the artist’s November 2019 release “Anaitwa Roma”, which is a critique of the government's handling of the cashew nut crisis in 2018. Roma will be visiting Howard University to talk about his experiences and his music. The visit is co-sponsored by the Department of African Studies and the Hip Hop African Podcast, which will feature an interview with Roma for their February 2020 episode.

Jan 29 2020 Palaver
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